Rural Smallholding

Location: Goba, Ethiopia

Client: Private

Stage: Concept Design

Procurement Type: Self Build

The brief for this project was to create a self-sustaining and self-contained farm on the edge of forested mountains in Southern Ethiopia. The farm is to have multiple functions, such as providing tourist accommodation, assisting in wildlife conservation and farming education.

We proposed a series of climate responsive timber frame structures, designed to let light in from above, that were adapted for varying purposes on the site.

Low year-round night time temperatures dictated the use of straw bales, which are rendered in mud and then clad in a form of bamboo rain screen cladding that is typically used in the region.

A) Woven Bamboo B) timber support structure C) 3 coats mud render D) Non-structural straw bale infill E) Mixed sawn and pole eucalyptus structure

A crucial component of the design was the sourcing of a mostly natural palette of materials, which were harvested, gathered, bought, or gained through community agreements.

A sample structure was built to test our assumptions, share knowledge, and learn about traditional construction techniques